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Asiola: ideas worth supporting
Welcome to the crowdfunding platform that's curated for Thailand, where creative and community-focused ideas can be brought to life.
Kamin and Pete crowdfunded Bangkok’s first moving art piece and artistic rewards by Kamin Lertchaiprasert are still available.
฿ 2,608,600
Total Raised
YPO raised more than 2 million baht to tackle Thailand’s haze by educating young farmers. Now their workshops can go ahead.
฿ 2,020,000
Total Raised
Book lovers came together to crowdfund 775,100 baht (156% of the funding goal) for repairs on the Neilson Hays Library.
฿ 775,100
Total Raised
Street artist Alex Face had a vision to unite and uplift Bangkok with a public artwork to promote peace and made it happen.
฿ 458,900
Total Raised
Supporters who got behind Wonder Kar contributed 330,000 baht for the chance to climb aboard and enjoy free drinks.
฿ 330,000
Total Raised
Supporters all over Thailand did their bit to preserve marine life in our waters and the traditions of artisan fishermen.
฿ 321,800
Total Raised
Operation Clean-up reached 101% of its funding goal, which means the kids of Ban Katiad School can look forward to clean sanitation and working toilets.
฿ 239,301
Total Raised
Korn Chatikavanij raised 232,299 baht to fund native English-speaking teachers in Thailand’s poorest rural schools.
฿ 232,299
Total Raised
Thailand’s favorite hip hop group crowdfunded the means to launch the first ever Thaitay Rap Boot Camp for budding artists.
฿ 221,400
Total Raised
For the past decade, I have devoted myself to documenting the remaining stand-alone movie theaters of Southeast Asia. Now I want to the world to join me on my unique journey.
฿ 176,700
Total Raised
Help launch the first bathroom cleaning robot to be designed and assembled in Thailand and be first to get it at a discounted price.
฿ 170,400
Total Raised
Through Tamboon Dai Boon, Khan from Thaitanium gathered enough support to build proper housing for the monks of Wat Klang.
฿ 161,818
Total Raised
Street Strength was a unique urban event that brought together dancers, martial artists and fitness enthusiasts in Bangkok.
฿ 161,300
Total Raised
RNxD crowdfunded their light installation, Pla-Chum so they can represent Thailand at the Smart Illumination Awards in Yokohama.
฿ 138,100
Total Raised
Supporters raised 132,900 baht towards bringing diverse artistic talent to Thailand for Unfolding Kafka Festival 2017.
฿ 132,900
Total Raised
The community got fully behind the Creative District and their plan to bring creativity to Bangrak through a giant mural.
฿ 127,400
Total Raised
Up-and-coming indie artist Phum Viphurit was able to produce and release his debut album, thanks to his supporters.
฿ 111,965
Total Raised
The award-winning rock band successfully crowdfunded more than 100,000 baht for their forthcoming album, “Before the Dawn”.
฿ 109,500
Total Raised
From Klongtoey to Concert Hall raised more than 200% of its goal for the kids of Immanuel Music School to perform live.
฿ 108,800
Total Raised
Thanks to supporters’ generosity, The Faculty of Science at Chiang Mai University funded their scholarship.
฿ 100,000
Total Raised
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