What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds by bringing together a group of supporters. If enough people get behind an idea by contributing towards it, they can make it a reality - and that’s called crowdfunding.
How does it work at Asiola?
Asiola is a curated crowdfunding platform where creators with positive ideas that will benefit Thailand can share them with people who might want to support them.
What kinds of campaigns are there?
All-or-nothing campaigns are projects that need a certain amount of funding to be made possible. They only get funded if they reach at least 100% of their target. Learn More.
Unconditional campaigns are those for which even the smallest contribution will be helpful. Any funding that is raised will go towards the project, whether or not it reaches its funding goal. Learn More.
How does a campaign get funded?
Supporters get behind an idea by selecting the unique and exclusive rewards offered by the creators.
  • Supporters pledge to buy rewards.
  • using: a credit or debit card.
  • When the campaign closes, if the campaign has reached 100% or more, payments are processed and everyone gets their rewards (if not, the funds are released and no-one is charged).
  • Supporters pay upfront for their reward.
  • using: a range payment options.
  • When the campaign closes, all funds go towards the campaign and all supporters receive the rewards they bought, regardless of the final funding total.
What happens when a campaign closes?
The campaign reaches its funding deadline. If it’s successful or unconditional...
...the creator develops and delivers the rewards to their supporters.
Then they get busy using the funds to bring their idea to life.
Got a great idea?
Here are some examples of ideas that could be crowdfunded and the types of creators who might need some support.
Test the market, to see if people are interested, and get access to the funds you need to develop your product. Learn More.
Raise the funds you need to hire your venue and equipment and ensure you will have a packed audience for your event. Learn More.
Community projects
Crowdfunding allows you to gather the means to solve a problem or issue in your community and raise awareness of it at the same time. Learn More.
Creative artists
Crowdfund your EP, short film or art project and build your fan base at the same time. Learn More.
Get the support you need to grow, develop and expand your business, products and services. Learn More.
Crowdfund a great idea with Asiola

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